Burkina Faso: “It’s urgent to take action to avoid the situations occurring in central Mali” Spécial

According to Yague Samb, in charge of conflict resolution and political dialogue at the Timbuktu Institute- African Center for Peace Studies, “Privatization to maintain security and order in certain regions of Burkina Faso is risky in terms of inter-community conflicts.” Yague Samb, a specialist of the Sahel region explains 
“The recent killings committed in the Djibo region are a sign that the security measures entrusted to self-defense groups can be counterproductive and effect already existing relationships between communities who for a long time have lived together peacefully. As a reminder, this Sunday, 8 March 2020, attacks were perpetrated against the Fulani villages of Dinguila, Barga, and Ramdola in the north of the country by the Koglweoago, according to radio Oméga. However, a press release by the president of Burkina Faso still carefully refers to the attackers as “unidentified armed individuals.” 
According to Yague Samb, “Beyond a very symbolic national mourning decreed by the authorities of Burkina Faso, other urgent measures are necessary to ease the inter-community tensions in order to avoid at all costs a scenario similar to that of Central Mali—with massive killings such as in Ogossagou.” 
“The terrible events of Yirgu Fulbé should have been a wake-up call and the authorities must review the strategy of entrusting entire sections of security to militias and other vigilante groups despite the security pressure and the outbreak in attacks,” said Yague Samb.