Prevention of violent extremism in Guinea Bissau: Timbuktu Institute supports the operationalization of an Observatory for Peace Spécial

As part of its recent interventions in Guinea Bissau for the establishment of an "Observatory for Peace", Timbuktu Institute has technically and scientifically supported the realization of the first research covering the entire territory of Guinea Bissau on the factors of radicalization that will soon be published and launched during an international conference.

In fact, this leading think tank that operates at the regional level and the Institute Marquês de Valle Flôr, which signed a cooperation agreement last October on the sidelines of the Lisbon Conference, are partners with the Bissau-Guinean League for Human Rights in the framework of capacity building of the project team for the prevention of radicalization in Guinea Bissau.


During the recent mission carried out by Dr. Bakary Sambe in Bissau at the end of November 2022, as part of the establishment of an observatory for peace, the Timbuktu Institute trained the twenty-six focal points from all regions of Guinea-Bissau on the techniques of prevention of violent extremism and community conflicts’ resolution.


For Dr. Sambe, this project financed and supported by the European Union "is part of a holistic approach and the strengthening of a culture of prevention; Guinea Bissau still belonging to the category of countries that must develop a preventive strategy and rely on anticipation in the face of a threat that spares no country in the region.


This is why, according to the director of the Timbuktu Institute, "the next international conference in Bissau, which will be organized on this theme, will have to highlight the need to exchange best practices in terms of prevention and above all to convince governments that in addition to strictly security measures, West African states, and particularly coastal countries, must work to strengthen community resilience.