Benin : Political tensions and the intensification of the fight against terrorism Spécial

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On the political front, the National Assembly's Law Commission has rejected a special amnesty bill for Reckya Madougou, Joël Aïvo and other opposition figures in exile. This rejection, which took place on January 3, 2024, drew criticism from the proposal's initiators, who denounced a logic aligned with that of President Patrice Talon, who is vehemently opposed to this demand. Despite this rejection, the proposal will be submitted to the plenary session, leaving some doubt as to its subsequent fate.

Meanwhile, on the security front, Benin has stepped up its fight against terrorism in the north of the country. As part of Operation Mirador, the Beninese army has deployed 3,500 freshly-trained recruits to counter the terrorist threat. These efforts have already borne fruit, with the neutralization of two bombers who had been wanted for several months. These actions are part of a wider strategy to strengthen the military's capacity to deal with the jihadist threat in the country. The Beninese government also plans to recruit an additional 1,500 soldiers in the coming months, to reach the initial target of 5,000 recruits announced in April 2023.