Togo : end of MPs' term of office and pending political requests Spécial

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The term of office of Togo's deputies has expired, and no legislative elections have been held in time. This situation has caused concern among civil society and non-governmental organizations, who have called on President Faure Gnassingbé to open an inclusive dialogue, a "broad consultation", with a view to organizing free and transparent elections.

Simultaneously with these political concerns, the death of Monseigneur Philippe Kpodzro, a leading Togolese opposition figure, was announced. Monseigneur Kpodzro, who played a key role in the Sovereign National Conference of the early 1990s, was a fervent advocate of democracy and political alternation in Togo. His commitment to democracy was widely acclaimed, but his death leaves a void in Togo's political landscape. 

In addition, revelations that two Togolese journalists had been spied on using Pegasus cyber-espionage software have raised concerns about press freedom and the safety of journalists in the country. The case raises concerns about the misuse of surveillance technology by the authorities to stifle dissent and restrict freedom of expression.