Gambia : trial for crimes against humanity: Ousman Sonko before the Swiss courts Spécial

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Ousman Sonko, a 55-year-old former Gambian minister, is on trial in Switzerland from January 8, 2024 for crimes against humanity. He was Minister of the Interior for 10 years under President Yaya Jammeh, who ruled the country in an authoritarian fashion for 22 years. Sonko faces life imprisonment. A former Inspector General of Police, he was sacked in 2016 and has sought asylum in Switzerland. The NGO Trial International filed a complaint against him for crimes against humanity, which led to his arrest in January 2017 and his provisional detention since then. He is accused of participating in, ordering or failing to prevent murder, torture, rape and illegal detention between 2000 and 2016. The trial is expected to last around a month, with a verdict expected in March.