Youth Perceptions on Politics and Political Parties in Senegal : Agreement for a Research Project   Spécial

On June 25th 2018, an agreement was signed between the Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung and the Timbuktu Institute- African Center for Peace Studies focused in youth and religious problematics based in Dakar.

The Rosa Luxembourd Stiftung, represented by Mrs Maimouna Ndao, on behalf of Dr ; Armin Osmanovic and the African center for peace studies- Timbuktu Institute, directed by Dr. Bakary Sambe agreed on the project entitled « Youth, Political Parties and Political participation. »

Indeed, firstly presented by the Timbuktu Institute, this project is based on research work mainly focused on the role of youth and its involvment in politics.

The project has 2 (two) specific objectives :

  • to provide scientific-based answers to better understand and document disaffection of young people (between 15 and 35) towards political parties in a constructive way ;
  • to mobilize young people regarding both political and electoral participation aspects for them to better express their concerns in a peaceful and constructive way. In other words, the goal is also to develop young people’s critical mind.


The agreement between the two institutions relies on a roadmap to include programs and activities which will be conducted within the Timbuktu Institute. It should be implemented from June 1st and will be conducted with different sensitizing activities until next December 31th.


With the coming elections to be held in Senegal in February 2019, this partnership is also a way to shed a  light on the political aspirations of the youth and their expectations from the political leaders and parties in the next ten years. A promising experience !


By Thaïs Matton, Trainee, (Summer 2018)

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